This morning, Dong Nai exported a batch of durians under the Protocol to China

Within the framework of the ‘Long Khanh Fruit Festival’ opening on the evening of June 15, this morning (June 16) a ceremony to announce the export of Dong Nai durian batches under the Protocol through China took place. On the evening of June 15, in Long Khanh City, “Long Khanh Fruit Festival, OCOP Fruit and Product Honor Week in Dong Nai Province, 2023” was officially opened…

This is the largest fruit festival ever in the fruit “capital” of Dong Nai, organized by the People’s Committee of Long Khanh City in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Nai province.


This year’s festival has many innovations and creativity in the activities of the series of events, including: introducing and selling typical local agricultural products and fruits; art fruit display; Durian export ceremony to China…

Especially, on the days of the festival, more than 2.3 tons of fresh and delicious Long Khanh rambutan and longan are prepared to serve for free for visitors to enjoy.

Opening ceremony of Long Khanh Fruit Festival, Week of honoring OCOP fruits and products in Dong Nai province, 2023. Photo: Minh Sang.
At the same time, the highlight of the festival is “The Week to honor OCOP fruits and products in Dong Nai province in 2023” with the scale of 80 stalls of localities and businesses, cooperatives, bringing to farmers. more new opportunities. Thereby, contributing to promoting the process of linking and developing commodity production, forming value chains in agricultural production, contributing to building new rural areas, improving people’s material and spiritual life.

According to Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Son Hung, in addition to honoring fruits, Dong Nai’s OCOP products are also honored and introduced in a series of activities at this event.

OCOP products were established under the One Commune One Product Program and officially deployed throughout the province from 2019, with a focus on developing agricultural, non-agricultural products and services with advantages in rural areas. each locality along the value chain, having high competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

“Up to now, Dong Nai province has 150 products that meet OCOP standards, of which 53 products have achieved 4-star standards. OCOP products have been positively received by the market, helping farmers to expand production scale and increase product value,” said Mr. Nguyen Son Hung.

Dong Nai’s OCOP products are honored and introduced in a series of activities at this festival event. Photo: Minh Sang.
Although being an industrial and service province, Dong Nai province always attaches importance to agriculture, farmers and rural areas, considering agriculture and rural areas as an important factor in socio-economic development. With the advantages of climate and geographical location, Dong Nai province is forming a concentrated fruit tree area, covering an area of about 76,000 hectares, with an output of 700 thousand tons of fruits of all kinds, such as rambutan, pomelo, durian. own, mangosteen, mango, banana…

In particular, Dong Nai has the largest banana area in the country, accounting for 70% of the Southeast region; durian area ranks 4th in the country and 1st in the Southeast.

Delegates visit the fruit stall at the Long Khanh Fruit Festival, the OCOP Fruit and Product Honor Week in Dong Nai province in 2023. Photo: Minh Sang.
At the same time, over the years, Dong Nai province has established 140 planting area codes, 81 packing facilities for export (banana, jackfruit, dragon fruit, mango, rambutan, lemon, durian, etc.) longan, lychee, watermelon); in which there are 103 growing area codes (banana, jackfruit, mango, dragon fruit, rambutan, durian) for the Chinese market and 37 growing area codes (mango, seedless lemon, rambutan) for export go to Australia, New Zealand, USA, EU,…

The opening of the Chinese market after the Covid-19 pandemic and fruit products such as bananas and durians being officially exported to this market is a good sign for the fruit of Dong Nai province.

Many visitors are very interested in the food processing area from local products. Photo: Minh Sang.
Also within the framework of the festival, the first durian shipment of Dong Nai province will be exported to the Chinese market under the Protocol with the General Department of Customs of this country. This is an important activity marking an important step in the development of international trade in fruit products of Long Khanh and Dong Nai.

“This is the second year in a row, Dong Nai organizes the OCOP Fruit and Product Honor Week. The week will introduce to a large number of people special, rich and diverse high-quality fruits of Dong Nai province in general and Long Khanh city in particular.

This is also a place to honor the achievements of farmers’ labor; creating opportunities to learn, close links between the “4 houses”. At the same time, attract tourists to develop eco-tourism, garden tourism, attract investment in the agricultural sector, step by step build a value chain for a number of key products of the province and district in the direction of: lasting; introduce the potentials, advantages, and preferential policies of Dong Nai province to attract investors to develop agriculture and rural areas..”, Mr. Nguyen Son Hung emphasized.

Source: Agriculture Newspaper

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