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"The quintessence of nature, the delicious taste of Vietnam" - Bringing great taste from the ground

Along with the slogan "The quintessence of nature, the delicious taste of Vietnam", we are proud to bring excellent, quality and unique agricultural products from Vietnam.

However, we are not merely exporters of agricultural products, but also people with passion and respect for nature. We are Appreciate the value of natural resources and the harmonious interaction between people and land. From green fields, fragrant orchards, we harvest ripe fruits, fresh and unique products thanks to the wonderful blend between the quintessence of nature and Vietnamese land.

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Durian is a large fruit that has a rather strong and heavy smell, but is extremely rich in nutrients, such as vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber, and several plant compounds. other beneficial items. Durian is often present in many countries in Southeast Asia, typically Vietnam. Eating durian can bring certain health benefits. […]

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Purple Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potato is also known as Peruvian sweet potato because it is native to South America, the scientific name is Solanum andigenum. Purple sweet potato is a herbaceous perennial vine with staggered, heart-shaped or lobed leaves. The tubers are oblong, have a smooth skin that is purple (also black, brown, white or yellow) and […]

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Jackfruit is a fruit native to the tropics, common in Southeast Asia and Africa. The fruit has a green outer skin and a white or yellow flesh inside, depending on the variety and degree of ripeness. Jackfruit has a sweet taste and some varieties have a distinctive aroma. Jackfruit is large in size and can weigh from a few hundred grams to several kilograms. Jackfruit is made up of many segments, each of which contains many small jackfruit seeds. When ripe, jackfruit can be eaten fresh or used to make a variety of dishes.

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Cat Chu Mango

Cat Chu mango is a famous mango in Vietnam. It is grown mainly in the Mekong Delta, especially in Dong Thap province. Cat Chu mango has a round shape, bright yellow skin, smooth and very thin. This mango has a succulent, tender, sweet, and characteristic aroma. Usually appearing in summer, Cat Chu mango is considered […]

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Nam Roi Grapefruit

Nam Roi pomelo is a famous pomelo variety in Vietnam, grown in several provinces in the Mekong Delta (especially Hau Giang and Vinh Long). Each year, this pomelo variety is harvested twice in August and December of the lunar calendar. Grapefruit is a delicious grapefruit variety and contains a lot of micronutrients, so it is […]

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Sanh orange

Sanh orange is a fruit tree of the genus Citrus with almost orange fruit (Citrus reticulata x maxima), native to Vietnam. The crockery orange fruit is easy to recognize thanks to its thick, rough skin like a thin crockery surface and is often light green (when ripe, orange), the flesh is orange. Orange is a […]

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Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a plant grown mainly for its fruit and is also the name of several genera of the cactus family. Dragon fruit is a native plant in Mexico, Central American and South American countries. Currently, this species is also grown in countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia (especially […]

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Pineapple is one of the most famous tropical fruits. Pineapple contains many nutrients such as antioxidants, other beneficial organic compounds such as enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease. The effect of eating pineapple every day is undeniable. However, now many people wonder if eating pineapple can lose weight?   1. Outstanding nutritional composition of […]

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no preservatives

Fresh agricultural products without preservatives.

reasonable price

From the farm to the consumer, there is no middleman to help the price of the product reaching the consumer at a better price

100% organic

Organic produce is produced from farms that Focuses on using renewable resources

Global Gap standard

Global GAP standard or global good agricultural practice standard

News & Articles

Vinh Long standardizes sweet potato production process, ready for official export

Recently, representatives of the Chinese functional industry online inspected the planting areas and production facilities of sweet potato products in Vinh Long province and some other provinces for approval for official export products. After this inspection, the General Administration of Customs of China signed the official export protocol for Vietnamese sweet potatoes. Mr. Nguyen Van […]

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Turning straw into organic fertilizer for rice, reducing costs by 40%

CAN THO: Using organic fertilizer from rice straw to fertilize rice has helped reduce the cost of fertilizers and chemical drugs by 35-40%; profits increased by 10%. On May 18, the Can Tho Plantation and Plant Protection Sub-Department in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) held a field workshop on “Rice farming model […]

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Wildlife-friendly farming stops insect decline

Bees, spiders, ground beetles and flower flies have fallen twice as fast on farmland, despite efforts to invest in sustainable farming in the UK. Flower flies and red worker bees on dandelion flowers. Insects provide food for other organisms, pollinate plants and recycle nutrients. Photo: Tony Phelps/Alamy. Over the past 30 years, nature conservation measures […]

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